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The original SLP system infrastructure is past due for upgrades.

Lack of regular maintenance and inferior installation subjects the system to unacceptable water loss and damages components.

Issues found during past SLP water system repairs and inspection.

 Taping to fix line leaks- Trilobite - Unit 3

Wood thrust block on Mimbres

        instead of cement block

Corroded main line valve- Unit 1

Corroded hole in Hovenweep well 

pump line- 2010

Cracked pvc coupler

Sys 2- 2019 main line pipe split leak

Corrosion inside of sys 2 metal water tank

Old rusted gate valve - Unit 1

Erosion of pvc line caused by a

pinhold leak- 2013

Severed service line

Pinhole leak- Scouts Lane

Sewer pipe used for a standpipe - Unit 1

Mimbres 2009 leak - deteriorated wood

 thrust block instead of cement block

Corroding sys 2 metal storage tank

Subsiding Aspen Grove 

pumphouse due to past leak

Unprotected, unsecured electronic

assembly to run system 2 well.

Corroded valve stem

Aspen well house leak - 2010

Valves in middle of roads are difficult 

to find and restrict maintenance.

Corroding tank cover bolts, allow

leaks and contamination- sys 1 & 2 tanks.